Sunday, 12 October 2008

GO, GO, GO!!!

In case you hadn't already noticed, 2 of the books are now on Ebay, but, due to Ebay rules they can't be advertised as raffles and so a plan was hatched. To get round this minor problem you are 'purchasing' a sticker for £5 and we will then enter your details in to a draw to win the book from the list you bought the sticker from. Now ofcourse we won't be sending out any stickers, this is purely to get round Ebays rules, but if you really really want one then let us know and we'll send one out to you.

The third book is temporaily in cyber space while Neil trys to reason with the stiff necks at Ebay HQ over the book being pulled from it's original auction. Please bear with us while it gets sorted, all should resume asap.

Please buy tickets.....sorry, stickers below and remember, be as generous as you can:

Book 1

Book 2

For those that may have forgotten, here's a little reminder of all the amazing artists and galleries who have donated their time and effort in helping the MCF appeal.


Anonymous said...

Would you like to let us know what is happening now?

About The Mercy Centre Foundation said...


Apologies about the disruption but Ebay pulled the listings.

They are now back up online. Please see the newest post for links.

ALL ticket entries are still valid.


Ged and Neil