Sunday, 9 November 2008

Going, Going, Gone!!!

Well, a huge thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the two books being raffled on Ebay. The items ended yesterday with a total of 969 tickets sold.

This, along with the £1900 (prior to Ebay and PayPal fees) from the auction of Book 3 has raised a massive amount of money for the Mercy Centre Foundation but we're not stopping there. The first lot of individual donations are up for grabs :-

Jonathan Weiner - "Watch Dogs"

Jonathan Weiner - "Tranquil Aftermath"

Jeff Soto - "Tres Flores"

Rene Gagnon - "Mona Bubble"

David Choe - "Falling From Grace"

Angel 41 - "Gimme Some Skin"

Dog Byte - "Bomb Boy"

iAmCxxx - "Am I In A Film When Does It End?"

The second lot of work to be auctioned will be available to bid on from Tuesday 11th November.

Good luck and thank you for your support.

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